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IndiaTechDesk, The 5Ws and 1 H of startup News from India

What we do: Launched in 2020, IndiaTechDesk is a new media platform for business owners, startups, and IT enthusiasts. We provide insightful and engaging coverage of the Indian startup ecosystem, offering an intelligent, attractive range of information on emerging startups and entrepreneurship in India.

We want to be the one-stop info hub for business owners with the information they need to influence the tech-driven startups’ ecosystem positively.

We strive to make IndiaTechDesk your one-stop destination to access many startup stories, trends, funding analyses, and news relevant to Indian entrepreneurs. We cover entrepreneurship initiatives, leadership insights, cutting-edge technology, and business happenings across India.


Why we do it: India is a strong emerging startup economy in Southeast Asia. With our well-researched articles and news, we at IndiaTechDesk hope to empower, connect, and assist the startup community by offering readers throughout the region comprehensive knowledge and guidance on the startup sector.

Our goal is to establish a vibrant and influential environment that will support India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in becoming sustainable and thriving by using the power of information technology and educating one and all about the burgeoning startup ecosystem within the country.


Who we cover: We cover all the entrepreneurship initiatives, leadership insights, cutting-edge technology, and business happenings across India. IndiaTechDesk is your one-stop destination to access an extensive array of startup stories, trends, funding analysis, and news relevant to Indian entrepreneurs.


At IndiaTechDesk, we live, breathe, and share all the latest disruptive technologies in the startup space – from small businesses to large enterprises, AI to e-commerce, funding analysis, and more.


With sharp analysis and insightful coverage, we cover technology companies and recent advancements in their field every day.


When to connect with us: Even though we write about significant advancements in India’s rapidly expanding startup environment and about businesses that have grown beyond being a startup, our primary objective is to encourage entrepreneurship. IndiaTechDesk’s main mission is to support the next generation of change-makers under the beSUCCESS banner.


We aim to represent everyone who desires change and disruption. Each voice has the utmost significance to us. Entrepreneurs and modern-day change agents are welcome to contact us so that we may help them spread their messages to a broader audience.


As a publication, we are adaptable and receptive to critiques of our pieces. As a result, we are more than willing to make amends, implement changes, and settle a dispute amicably. We believe that making mistakes is human, but fixing them is divine.


How we do it: We have several reporters toiling to deliver high-quality content to our readers. Every article published on IndiaTechDesk is actively reviewed, proofread, and tested for quality and authenticity. Our passionate and dedicated team of writers, editors, and content strategists have years of proven experience in the Indian startup ecosystem and entrepreneurship.


IndiaTechDesk Team


A South Korean journalist specializing in Indian startups in Southeast Asia is known for breaking stories and unique reports. His extensive network and strong connections with industry experts allow him to access exclusive information, providing insightful coverage with a deep understanding of the region’s entrepreneurial landscape. His unique perspective, developed at top Korean media outlets, adds depth to his reporting.


He is a seasoned journalist with over eight years of experience and is an industry expert specializing in the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem. As a go-to authority on Asian startups, he contributes to IndiaTechDesk, offering insightful articles and thought-provoking analysis.


With over ten years of experience, she is a seasoned writer and a well-known figure in the Indian startup scene. Renowned for her astute observation and vast connections, she excels at reporting on fresh funding and offers insightful analysis of nascent ventures and investment patterns. For prospective business owners and investors, her writings provide vital information.


A startup journalist with a remarkable 6-year tenure is known for concise and engaging writing. Her articles distill complex information into easily understandable insights, making her a trusted source for the latest funding rounds, acquisitions, and industry trends in the Indian startup scene. With timely and impactful coverage, Min-jun shapes the narrative around entrepreneurship and innovation.


 James Jung (CEO)

By arranging conferences like beGLOBAL Silicon Valley and beGLOBAL Seoul, James Jung, who created beSUCCESS Media Group in 2012, has accelerated the globalization of Korean startups. Via the 1 Billion Partners early-stage investment fund, he has invested in over thirty Korean and foreign firms over the last three years, presenting Korean goods and services to buyers, investors, and users worldwide while supporting global expansion and follow-up investments.

Jinju Jeon (VP & EIC)

Jinju Jeon is the chief editor of beSUCCESS and the organizer of the beGLOBAL Startup Global Conference, which takes place in the US and Korea. Her robust global network of startup media connections allows her to assist Korean entrepreneurs seeking funding and expanding internationally actively. A member of the Korea Outsourcing Association, she is an INTJ, four-eyed, news junkie, baby coder, libertarian, writer, and entrepreneur booster. She has also held internships at Lit Lounge, worked as a startup concierge and Sherpa for startups, and is an angel investor.

Vallabh Rao (Director)

We want to give business owners the information they need to influence the tech-driven startup ecosystem positively. We are bringing storytelling, technology, and journalism together to create a modern newsroom. We never waver from our core ideas and principles in journalism, community involvement, and revenue production. A strong sense of integrity sits at the center of all we do.

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You can write to us at press@indiatechdesk.com

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